Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Hum a little song to me, oh beautiful bird,
Let me into your world, oh beautiful bird,
I’m lonesome and tired, need an escape,
from all the miseries in this dreary world.

Your scent is so sweet, oh beautiful bird,
Your colours smile so bright, oh beautiful bird,
I’m feeling weak in my knees now,
Please come and take me away from this crowd.

I wait in anticipation just to throw,
My hands around your little creation,
Oh! Wait and here it comes, promising salvation.
As I pick up the round piece of art in my hand,
Pink icing overflowing with splashes of red glitter,
A heart in the middle signifying your love,
Oh hummingbird you heard my cry after all.

It tastes as sinful as it looks,
Your promises weren’t born out of a lie,
Cherry red, chocolate brown, sky blue, pistachio green,
So many more to choose from, oh beautiful bird,
But as the ‘weight’ watch strikes past its time,
My desire to pack in more of you
Turns me into a silent mime. 


Tuesday, 29 June 2010


It was a walk back in time at the Fashion & Textile Museum, where designers Foale and Tuffin’s collection was displayed. A perfect dress to infuse in the Spring-Summer 2010 trends was spotted on one of the mannequins. A double breasted, pea collar, sleeveless, reefer jacket dress sings the right tune for this season. A perfect combination of white polka dots on black, it is teamed with a gold chain link belt with the United Kingdom flag logo buckle.  The wrap around dress made out of polyester blend is the perfect solution to your wardrobe woes. It can be teamed perfectly with a jacket and pumps for a semi-formal look. Or even be worn with airy gladiator slippers and a sun gold sling bag. Take your pick. So this goes as a heads up for all the brands to follow into F&T’s steps. Timeless classics like these reflect chic and effortless style.

Here our some of the other creations by the memorable and most fashionable Foale and Tuffin duo.


Sunday, 20 June 2010


In the Limelight this month we have Aastha Sharma, 24 years of age, from New Delhi, India. With heaps of experience, an award for youngest stylist at Channel [V], successful stints at And Persand, the Man, Platform and Mega Modelz magazine, Sebastian International, Wella and L’oreal, she is now a Fashion Producer at Harper’s Bazaar. Accompanied by a flashy resume and a contagious smile, she discusses her experiences this far in the world of fashion, and why styling is what she truly loves doing.

Q. What training did you undergo to become a fashion stylist and why this profession?

A. OKAY! That’s an interesting question. I actually did not have any education in the field. Whatever I have learnt is through experience. I pursued a masters degree in fashion merchandising, but I was never really interested in the course nor did I intend to take up merchandising as a profession. Since day one in college, I wanted to get into styling, and as there was no professional course at that time, I started assisting the senior stylist of one of the leading magazines in India, and thereafter a lot of opportunities opened for me. I grew while learning from the seniors in this field.

Q. What is your main job as a fashion stylist? What are the stages of creative planning for styling?

A. Well, as many perceive, styling is not just going and picking up garments and accessories from branded stores or designer boutiques and merely putting them onto the models. Proper planning is required to produce the kind of look you want for the shoot or feature.
It all starts with a concept. This concept usually arises from the current season trends that are doing the rounds on the catwalk and also involves trends that have been forecasted for future fashion weeks.
 If it’s a fashion shoot, then trends, styles and seasons are the most important factors that determine a concept. Once your concept is decided, we try to figure out which designer’s clothes best suit your idea for the shoot. For instance in case of a sports fashion story, we would pick out brands or designers that specialise in that kind of style of clothing.
You then plan to source garments/accessories from them. Around the same time, we need to keep in mind that there is synchronization in all the garments, accessories and shoes we pick up. There has to be a common element that befits the concept. It’s like a storyline which goes in a logical direction, the end doesn’t come before the start and the start doesn’t begin at the end.
I always make sure, that my location and model fits into the story. Location is an extremely essential setting for any good shoot. The photographer, hair and make- up artists make up the key elements of the shoot. As the stylist monitors how the shoot is being styled, from clothes, make-up, hair, models, creative poses etc. Therefore, it’s not just about clothes; it’s about every little thing which is essential for a successful shoot.

Q. What was the turning point of your career that helped you gain confidence of continuing in the field, despite having no formal education in it?

A. I think my experience at Channel V (leading music channel in India) was the turning point in my career. It taught me the smallest to the biggest of things on how to be a good stylist. I handled various show segments and styling, make-up and hair for the video jockeys or anchors, which made my focus towards styling very clear. It made me learn how to handle projects individually, learn and grow more with practical experience. There has been no looking back ever since.

Q. Which are the most important projects you have worked on up till now and any with any favourite Indian celebrities?

A. I have worked with Bollywood celebrities like Neha Dhupia, Kalki, Jacqueline Fernandez, Imran Khan, Genelia D’souza, Juhi Chawla, Kangana Ranaut and many of the top Indian models. But my most important project was styling for Get Gorgeous season 5 (reality television show/talent model hunt) for channel V. Working with top celebrities is always great. They are very comfortable with their skin and never have any issues with experimentation.

Q. How do you keep yourself up to date with the latest fashion trends?

A. Well there are lots of ways. Constant update at the fashion weeks helps a lot. Plus internet is bliss to us all. makes me keeps me abreast of all the international designers and the kind of trends they are showcasing on the catwalk. I also keep in touch with designer and brand public relation agencies which are again very important for stylist. They keep me updated with all the new brand launches, extensions etc. that help look at the kind of looks they are making for the season. Plus magazine, forecasting sites etc are very helpful. I also draw inspiration from a very important source and that is street style or street fashion. How people dress shapes what they think of fashion and how their personal style statement is. Various designers refer to the streets for stimulation.

Q. You are working at Harpers Bazaar at the moment-how did that come about?

A. Yes, Harpers happened by chance. I had quit my previous job and had become a freelance stylist. I just wanted some time off a hectic work schedule and decided to be my own boss for some time.  I was sitting with a friend and discussing the same when he got a call from the editor at Harpers, telling him that they were on the look out for a fashion producer. He sent in my resume without asking me and then soon after I got a call from Harpers. I was a little shocked as I wasn’t too keen on joining Fashion producer’s post. But then I was informed about the role I was supposed to play which included the whole package of organisation, monitoring, deciding and styling a shoot. So I went for it. There was a job which involved everything I loved about a fashion shoot.
The environment at Harpers is extremely professional. Everyone knows what they have to do and is always monitored by a time plan. It is a nurturing experience to be around people who are not only fashion forward but very skilled and proficient in their field.  

Q. What is it that you enjoy most about your career apart from the styling bit?

A. Almost every two weeks I get to meet so many different people from different walks of life, especially when I travel and I just love doing that. That makes my job even more fun and interesting to always be on the move.

Q. Who is on your wish list for styling in the future?

A. I would love to style Jennifer Aniston. I personally think she is very chic and any kind of look would suit her. She is one celebrity whose looks you can experiment with to a maximum limit and she would still look gorgeous.
In Bollywood, I would love to style Twinkle Khanna as she is beautiful and graceful with the clout to carry off any look.

Q. What are the tips you can give to a budding fashion stylist?

A.Well all I can say is be ready for the hard work and learn, learn and learn even more, through your experiences.  Be ORIGINAL. Take inspirations but NEVER follow anybody’s work style. Assist good stylists and before doing that, study the work that the particular stylist has done. Every stylist has a different vision on how he/she handles things. So if that matches your fashion taste then that’s the best. See what your forte lies in. Having a styling kit is very essential for any stylist. Read magazines go through all the style websites and keep yourself updated with trends-which include the different silhouettes, colours and fabrics in vogue and the designers using them.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. I plan to work with Harpers for sometime as I am enjoying the work here. I want to eventually start my own company which will deal with all aspects of fashion- styling, fashion shows/events. I also love shoes and I want to get into shoe designing as well someday. So hopefully am going to start working towards that as well and have my own shoe label.

Now for the most exciting part of this interview, Aastha decided to lend us some tips to keep ourselves uber chic and absolutely gorgeous this summer. Follow these simple steps to step up that gorgeous outfit a notch.
  • “Keep it simple with the clothes, but go completely crazy on shunky accessories and shoes in bright, bold hues. What’s absolutely in this summer is neutral shades of garments teamed with wild and out there colours. Accessorise and do it well and in large amounts. But definitely do not forget to keep up a contrast with your clothes.”
  • “Since the summer season in India is boiling hot, I would advise you to keep the make-up to a minimum. Wear a natural, oil free foundation during the day. Keep the base light and experiment with lip balms. My favourite this season is the Inglot orange lip colour. So go with a slight brush of the bronzer to get that sun kissed skin and dabble your lips with shades of pink and ginger. For nail paints, also go in for bright shades such as minty greens, sea blues and grape purples.”
  • Straight hair is always in, especially how effortlessly you can style it in anyway and it’ll stick. This season tops it up with a messy bun and a few strands here and there. Doll it up with a funky hair band with feathers and beads or go in for colourful rubber bands to highlight your look.

"For more tips on how to ‘Get Gorgeous’ look at the work of stylist Deep kailey from Vogue India and from the international platform, Barbara Baumel and celebrity stylist Joe Zee. I swear by their techniques." - Aastha Sharma

Well I hope you all have enjoyed this interview and these tips. Keep it simple this summer and try to enjoy the weather as much as you can. The monsoons can be a bit harsh on our pedicures.


Thursday, 17 June 2010


One colour that I feel can do wonders for anyone is ‘Yellow.’ It has the charm and vivacity to make anyone glow with its radiant hue. Many might feel that yellow can be a bit too loud of experimental for them. But here’s the good news everyone. It’s not just bright or bling yellow that you have as options. There are many shades you can work with for an outfit to dazzle anyone’s eyes in every season.
We all love the Sex and the City girls and what we adore most is Sarah Jessica Parker’s impeccable taste in clothes. But she also never ditches a fashionistas’ advice and so we saw her donne a beautiful yellow/lemon Valentino gown for the Sex and the City 2 premiere in New York. Old news you might think.

Well check out Kristen Stewart (Bella) of Twilight fame that has the most androgynous sense of dressing, but she seems to pull of every garment or style with much √©lan and sophisticated grace of a girl in tune with the latest trends. While promoting ‘Eclipse’ the third film of the series in Australia, she put on a very fitted and sexy mini-skirt that was quite unexperimental design wise but the colour took our heart away. Especially because it was teamed with a simple, grey fused with black t-shirt and a pair of gorgeous matte black stilettos screaming effortless chic.

Even Dannii Minogue stepped out in a flashy yellow frock at the Elle Style awards 2010 embracing the colour trend.

If you aren’t the sort who follows the celebrity bandwagon for trend advice, think of the soothing effect the colour has on you. Yellow is a symbolism of warmth, delightfulness and it exudes openness as well. Different shades of yellow can also suit different complexions. Yellow, especially can lend a personality youth, vigour and a cheerful demeanour. Along with being bright and happy, it is also sensual.
Pallavi Mohan of brand ‘Not So Serious’ Spring-Summer 2010 collection at the Wills India Fashion week displayed a solidarity with the sunshine for a collection filled with yellow delights.

To avoid melting in this summer heat, support the sun and dress the colour. It’s not just garments that are bathing in sunlight, its accessories including bags and shoes too. So team that pretty yellow dress with a white blazer and a chunky pair of bangles or danglers and go with white shoes for an uber cool look.
If a whole yellow dress is not your type, team a stripped yellow tank top with denim shorts and a muted gladiator sandal or casual flip flops for a day out with the gals.
Look for plastic flowers as hair accessories in bright yellow to doll up that hairdo and if you are feeling more than happy go and pick up yellow rimmed glares, they’ll do you good.
For a more formal look, team a lemon yellow t-shirt with grey high waisted trousers and put on a silver bracelet (preferably tiffanys’) with pumps.

(Images courtesy: google)

Embrace the optimism this Summer of 2010 has to bring for you and go get yourself ‘yellowed.’