Friday, 30 April 2010


In the 21st century, where everything has become super fast paced, every moment of your life seems to jet speed through time. But when hands unite over the world for the greater good of mankind in need, it reminds you that there is time for kindness. Hailing from India, I have seen a herd of celebrities including Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and even Lindsay Lohan, flocking to many parts in my country trying to help out people in need. Some do it asking for nothing in return, and some specifically do it to get media attention. I have nothing against celebrities wanting to work for a good cause, but splashing it all over the headlines, makes it a bit much at times. 

Well moving away from the headline wannabes, what we love is when hands unite 'fashionably.' The fashion industry on a whole have always done their bit to promote causes and help people in need for charity and another brand adds the charity feather to its hat. Coach Inc., a leading brand house famous for designing bags, footwear, watches, fragrances, leather accessories, jewellery etc. has launched a new collection of Star Totes. 50 celebrities have designed bags for the brand for charity purposes. They include, Mischa Barton, Eva Longoria, Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and a few other big names of the glam industry. We have always been fascinated with what celebrities donne on the red carpet and their fashion becomes our fashion. It would be fascinating to see how far people would go to buy these bags. I mean, if you have a look at them they look more like kindergarten kids drawing on a blank canvas, but then that's my opinion. Some people might go for them just because of the value attached with a name. Well that is what branding is all about in any case. The name and logo matters the most.

Coach Star Tote Mischa Barton

Designed by Mischa Barton

Coach Star Tote Jennifer Aniston
Designed by Jennifer Aniston

Coach Star Tote Jessica Alba
Designed by Jessica Alba

Coach Star Tote Cameron Diaz
Designed by Cameron Diaz

Coach Star Tote Eva Longoria
Designed by Eva Longoria

Coach Star Tote Charlize Theron
Designed by Charlize Theron

Coach Star Tote Fergie
Designed by Fergie

Coach Star Tote Kristen Stewart
Designed by Kristen Stewart

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In celebration of the opening of its first flagship store in Shanghai, the brand asked celebrities to design the totes in order to provide aid and help out the Jackie Chan Almsdeed Foundation. The totes would be auctioned off online till May 13th but also would be available in select outlets. To get more information on how to buy them. visit this site
The Jackie Chan Almsdeed Foundation was opened around 20 years ago and works to further the cause of helping children and the elderly in China. The fondation has already successfully managed to open schools, and has provided for the fees, school books, uniforms etc. It also raised millions of dollars to help underprivileged children and donated wheelchairs, warm clothes and utilities to the elderly. Since the organisation works towards such a good cause a collaboration with a brand isn't a bad idea to raise funds. 
So its an appeal to all the fashionistas out there to have a look at these designer-celebritiy goodies to invest in this Spring. After all its for a fashionably good cause.

Visit to check out more of their collections.


Wednesday, 21 April 2010


With its unique mix of style, DKNY has managed to woo the fashionistas with their electrically fun creations. it caters to all your wardrobe needs from work to weekends, jeans to night wear. It is energetic, creative, funky, fun, fast and real. According to the company, their mission statement comprises of a design driven company that represents the international pulse of New York and provides to the global consumer, a complete lifestyle experience.
"Everything I do is a matter of heart, body and soul," says Donna Karan, chief designer of the international company that bears her name. "For me, designing is an expression of who I am as a woman, with all the complications, feelings and emotions." (quote taken from their brand website)
The company was founded in 1984 with her late husband Stephan Weiss and it later became a  ublic traded enterprise in 1996. Five years later it was taken over by French Luxury Conglomerate, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, which remains its present owner. 
Karan believes that her designs are all about sensual elegance and captivating grace. Her creations are structured and wrap the body to make it look and feel more free along with adding a sense of security. 
A modern system of dressing, Karan's concept is based on seven easy pieces, where a handful of interchangeable items work together to create an entire wardrobe that goes from day to evening, week day to weekend, season to season. "I'm designing for an international man and woman. A creative person who never knows where a day is going to take them," says Karan. "That's why New York is on the label. It sets the pace, the attitude." (quote taken from

DKNY's Spring 2010 collection which is aptly named 'City in Bloom' held a runway show last year in September 2009 for the New York Fashion Week. Through this show we can clearly identify with their  feminine style and flirty temperament attached with the brand motto. The collection featured flower motifs and graphic prints on every outfit, signaling us to go out in full bloom this Spring season. Its time to go and grab this extremely commercial collection off the racks if you haven't already. Charcoal black boyfriend blazers with tailored shorts, and neon pink cycling shorts peeking out from beneath, add a cheerful look to the outfit. Chromatic sequins teamed with pegged trousers, knee length dresses with cuffed wrists, and off shoulder ones with grahic prints ruled the ramp. The collection was extremely wearable and sale-able. Silk blazers and tapered chinos struck the right chord for the people in the audience. If the clothes bore a comfortable look, the sling bags and satchels with chain link straps and studded leather added a chic glamour to the line. Dresses and flirty jumpsuits were collected at the waist and knotted for a sophisticated look. Shoes were strappy and in an array of blacks, cremes, and beige.
A favourite among the celebrity circuit was a Fuchsia strapless silk-blend dress with multicolored floral print and sequin embellishment. Actress Zoe Saldana was all praises for the off shoulder wonder.

DKNY Spring 2010 RTW Sequin Floral Dress Profile Photo

After many successful collections and the branching out of the DKNY brand into DKNY Jeans, DKNY Active, DKNY Underwear, DKNY JEANS Juniors, AND DKNY Kids, DKNY accessories, perfumes etc. Karan explains why the explosion of extended product lines.
For Karan, it's never been just about clothes; It's about lifestyles. She sees the entire picture from head-to-toe, from function to aesthetic. Handbags and shoes are designed right alongside the clothes. "How do I dress the leg?" inspired Donna Karan Hosiery. "The right bra?" Donna Karan Intimates. "The perfect glasses?" Donna Karan Eyewear. The list goes on to include belts, accessories and, as Karan puts it, "Everything you need to pull yourself together."(quote taken from

A large percentage of high end/couture designer brands have stretched their own identity into various product lines thus causing confusion in the minds of the consumers. Today there is so much to choose from that added product lines sometimes loses its importance. This can happen due to the consumer failing to identify the brand name with a particular product or niche category. Brands extend lines in order to penetrate markets in every possible product category but what they forget to ascertain is that consumers can get mentally taxed at times due to the variety of options available.
Brands like DKNY and others too often enter into alliances or mergers with other companies to improve their marketing strategies. For example the following case study explains the initiatives adopted by DKNY to increase its market share in particular product segments.

Donna Karan International Inc. (NYSE: DK) and Liz Claiborne Inc. (NYSE: LIZ) today announced they have entered into a major strategic licensing alliance for new lines of jeanswear and active lifestyle clothing for women and men. These lines will combine the design vision of Donna Karan International with Liz Claiborne Inc.'s expertise in manufacturing, marketing and distribution.
Under the agreement, Liz Claiborne Inc. will be granted the exclusive, long-term rights to the DKNY® Jeans and DKNY Active trademarks and the rights to source, market, distribute and sell both the DKNY Jeans and DKNY Active collections in the Western Hemisphere. Liz Claiborne Inc. has also agreed to purchase DKNY Jeans' new collection and will orchestrate the retail launch in spring 1998. The new DKNY Active lines will be in stores in spring 1999.
As part of the agreement, Liz Claiborne Inc. will provide multi-million dollar advertising and marketing campaigns to support the launches of DKNY Jeans and DKNY Active. Both lines will be featured in special department store shop-in-shops.

Donna Karan, Chairman and Chief Designer of Donna Karan International said, "From the beginning, DKNY Jeans was about a state of mind, where everything was friendly, real, wearable. Clothes that were your best friends. Denim has always been its heart and soul. But it also includes all the elements that make jeans come alive and express the complete story. It has always been my dream to fit all body types and all generations in a city jean. Now we have a partnership to make that dream a reality by helping us reach the broadest audience possible. Who better to take DKNY Jeans into the future, to maintain the brand's identity, than Denise Seegal, the woman who was DKNY's first president when we launched in 1989?"
Paul R. Charron, chairman and chief executive officer of Liz Claiborne Inc., said, "This alliance is central to Liz Claiborne Inc.'s growth strategy. DKNY is an important international name with exceptional cache and represents a significant addition to our growing brand portfolio. Our proven marketing and sourcing capabilities will complement Donna Karan's design and marketing talent to the benefit of both our retail customers and the end consumer. I am confident that together we can make DKNY Jeans and DKNY Active two of the most important brands in the 'better' arena."
This new alliance marks Donna Karan International's expansion from the "designer" and "bridge" markets into the "better" category. The agreement, which is the second major licensing alliance formed by Donna Karan International with a premier partner in the past three months, is part of Donna Karan International's plan to return to profitability and increase shareholder value through a balanced program of wholesale, retail and licensing initiatives.
John Idol, Chief Executive Officer of Donna Karan International, said, "Through this new strategic alliance with Liz Claiborne, the Donna Karan brand will become one of the preeminent players in the 'better' sportswear departments. In addition, the retail store roll-out that will begin in 1999 and the major advertising campaign supporting the launch of each line will enhance the image of the Donna Karan brand. We believe we have formed a strategic alliance with the best company in the 'better' sportswear business to grow the DKNY jeans and DKNY active brands and generate substantial licensing royalties. This agreement is a key part of our overall licensing strategy, which is based on forming relationships with world-class partners - such as the transaction we recently concluded with Estee Lauder in beauty products and cosmetics."

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Though the point to question out here is, whether we as a consumer are responsible for the brands running into extended lines. Having fickle minds we tend to choose products in categories that provide better quality, service, and price to us. So in the end are brands to blame for the gigantic number of options available to us or is it the consumer's changing attitudes. In the end, what is good or bad. More options to choose from, or simple and practical solutions to save the hours we spend deciding on the right thing to pick up from the store?

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010


We have seen metallics, zippers, pythons, suede, chains, links to even studs on the ramps this season. But what's doing the rounds this summer to bring back the boho chic in accessories. Yes its the fringed bag that is completely banging this season on the runways and the arms of the glam zone celebrities. Paris Hilton. Victoria Beckham, Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus to name a few. Its a bag that fast forwards your wardrobe into fashion chic mode. In bright and shocking hues, decadent skins and slouchy to boho styles every designer is putting this accessory on their to-do-list. This hot new trend promises to help you beat the heat with its neo-bohemian mood. To come out in full bloom this season check out the latest offerings by our favourite brands.

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  1. Gucci Indy python bag.
  2. Prada fringe bag.
  3. Katherine Kwei Zara tote.
  4. Mulberry Navaho bag.
  5. YSL small Hippy Rive Gauche bag.
  6. Stuart Weitzman keep-all

The Tatum Fringe bag by Jimmy Choo is what everyone secretly wants. The master  craftsmen with his ability to make designs that woo the fashion world and celebrities alike has come up with his version for the fringe trend this season. Made out of part leather, part suede and woven patterns with embossed patches is singing the right tune this season. It is boho,  chic and definitely sexy.

Jimmy Choo Tatum Fringe Shoulder Bag

Metal studs which are quite in demand on accessories this season have been combined with tassels to give it a formal party look to help glamorize your night out. The Vieta Edith hobo bag in charcoal black, matte grey, and plum purple is large enough to carry all your basic items. Carry in the evening teamed with a nice dress and gladiator sandals to complete the look. Or you can team it with skinny jeans and a moto jacket.

What I love about this trend is that it can be teamed with any sort of outfit to up the style quotient. The fringe bags had first appeared on the scene during the sixties and seventies. After having vanished from the ever changing fashion scene for a while it returned in 2007. Brought back into fashion by the House of Prada. This season they're definitely an accessory to get your hands on. So go out and add a pinch of tassel on your bag.